Thursday, April 30, 2015

shenanigans at the V&A

the illuminated structure behind the sculpture is a latex mould taken from the internal supporting brickwork for one of the castings from trajan's column

a dancing trumpeter i'd previously failed to notice ... a V&A casting from the interior porch of the cathedral at santiago de compostella

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

dear diary ...

up just before one ... wide-awake ... peed ... opened neil macgregor's most excellent book about german culture and history ... read three easy chapters ... out of the door at two forty-five and in at work just before three-thirty ... someone else's vehicle had been abandoned in my loading bay with a flat battery ... shifted various trucks then walked around the block with heavy-duty jump leads because a gate was still locked after the holiday ... loaded and got away in just over three times as long as the recommended departure ritual ... first customer was in no hurry to unlock their gate so waited twenty minutes in vain then drove on to the second etc etc and returned to first five hours later ... much much later than that, after the end of an eleven hour shift, took action ... hurried back to putney, legged it down town and enrolled on next term's digital design course at putney art school ... there i'll have a go at making this look professional, not just professional but glossy and slick ...

... see if i don't !