Monday, May 30, 2011

in my mind's eye, some people never age

whilst elsewhere, an anonymous spaniard ages gracefully ... well its either arrested development or accelerated regression

artwork by roxanne

3BT ...

A dilapidated bus station.  It is cloudy and a cold breeze chills the little country town.  In a small yard surrounded by a low wall, a couple of girls, maybe twelve or thirteen years old, shiver on a bench outside a pub.  One has a plaster cast on her left arm.  Maybe their parents are drinking inside.  Suddenly they leap up and dance frantically around for a couple of minutes, shaking their arms and legs and heads to imagined music, almost as if they were trying to detach them, running about the yard and jumping on the furniture with an extraordinary lack of inhibition, as if they were burning up a lifetime of joy in moments.  An English rite of spring ?

An old stone bridge with low pointed arches spans a wide chalk stream bordered with willows, its fertile waters feeding long drifts of flowering water crowfoot on which both yellow and pied wagtails run to and fro.

A text arrives in the evening from a friend I feared had died.

i'd see through that disguise anywhere ! its the collinson kid ! run for your lives !

... fifty-seven years of friendship, on and off !

Thursday, May 26, 2011


A mare leads a foal towards the shadow of a dark oak tree at noon.

At dawn the sun is hidden by a mountain of huge grey clouds all soaked in pink, whilst in front of them there sails a squadron of smaller clouds shaded in pale blue.

The room is silent, except for the sound of bubbles in tonic water.

Friday, May 20, 2011

thinking aloud ... darling, let's redecorate the bedroom ...

dehydrated thinking

I woke up before sunrise and didn't make tea. Too noisy.

I was thinking about the proposed closure of the Sorting Office at Malmesbury, my home town, as reported in Thursday's Wiltshire Gazette. Local people are said to be disappointed.

It’s a shame about the jobs going, but at the last general election the clear majority of people in North Wiltshire voted for less taxes and more efficiency.  Clearly the subject of local jobs for local people wasn’t so important then. 

Of course, in real communities, real people need real jobs. 

 I vaguely remember that’s what socialism used to be about in the bad old days.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


cognitive dissonance, user's case notes part 99

entered the street door to the flats and was a divided self for one moment, being equally aware of two distinct and competing smells .... the sweetness of baking bread versus the astringency of common disinfectant

Sunday, May 15, 2011

bienvenido mister marshall

this 1953 film was on permanent display in the reina sofia museum in madrid when i popped in last week

i sat down alone on a hard bench and watched it through with great pleasure