Sunday, March 31, 2013

hurrah ! our government is raising it's standards, effortlessly ...

gold mine in tibet ... an idle cynic speculates ...

i've been using the excellent google earth, trying to locate the high altitude mining area in tibet where a landslide killed a large number of miners last week

this site is in the right area according to some of the vague news descriptions

the wide valley running along the top of the first picture has surprisingly good roads and the river runs down towards lhasa about forty miles to the west

the narrower mining valley branches off to the southern side of it and then runs up to a ridge at the east

the second picture shows the upper valley that runs from the processing plant up to the open air quarries

the mountain sides here aren't solid rock

they are just a mass of dust and rubble as far as i can see and that will be held together by permafrost

... until it melts

so the whole quarrying process is very risky

the lower processing area looks as if a lot of money has been invested here in plant and buildings

almost due south there is an upper area connected with good roads and there are substantial buildings on that mountainside that might be a drift mine entrance

the main valley runs up to the east from the processing area towards two main open quarries and there are a lot of mountain roads that suggest the whole side of the mountain might be excavated in due course

at the eastern end, near the top of the valley, you can see the two areas where the mountain is being quarried

looking down through the clear air, when i zoomed in on the mountain top quarries, i was astonished at the number of lorries and diggers that could be seen

29°41'35.45"N,  91°45'14.79"E

in this picture you see where terraces are being excavated and the spoil is being dumped at one side

at top left and centre of this last picture are two little compounds where vehicles might have been parked overnight whilst their drivers slept

is this where the landslide happened ?

if so, it will have also blocked the only viable route between the open quarries and the processing plant

production would be threatened

might this explain the alacrity to begin the "rescue operation" ?

STOP PRESS : Next day ... i've only just found the mining company's own website with a full description of their plans for the valley ... ... which was presented to the world six months ago as a feasibility study for investors.

the schemes for shafts and drifts beneath and beyomd the quarries are shown on pages 77 and 78

From my point of view, very interesting and very instructive.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

only just learned that jeff bridges takes some very nice panoramic pictures ...

apropos du nuffinque ...

The mind floats free on Sunday mornings now that Foxy has taken his long walk to the stars.

I wake to read the first forty marvellous pages of Orhan Pamuk's Museum Of Innocence, and am seduced by his smooth talk in to a mental quicksand, up to my eyebrows in other people's complexities.

Then I try to finish a letter to Linda but stumble to a halt over this question ...

How will my grandson understand the difference between a non sequitur and an oxymoron if I am not there ?

Then I discover that I can change the settings on my cheap printer to scan postcards in wonderful detail.

... all this before eight o clock.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

working dialogue ...

Winston, a sweet natured gentleman from Jamaica who is still working his night shift when I’m starting my early, too early, morning shift … who I once glimpsed as a shadow dancing around his car and its sound system in the dark before going home from his fifty-something hour week of hard labour … tells me how he was cornered last Sunday evening by a giant colleague with a monologue that had a notoriously predictable course to run …

“you got the complete script then ?”,  I asked him, “chapter and verse ?” 

And Winston replies … “Yesss sir !  From Genesis to Revelations !” and he roars with laughter.

eros sleeping at the met ... with a helpful narrative

Saturday, March 2, 2013

some details from tom denny's windows in tewkesbury abbey

Installed in 2002, the windows mark the nine hundredth anniversary of the coming of the Benedictine monks to Tewkesbury in 1102. Their theme is the Benedictine motto ‘Laborare est Orare’ (to work is to pray).