Saturday, November 23, 2013

3BT, 23rd November 2013

The River Thames at Putney Bridge is drenched in winter sunshine.  The crews of several rowing boats seem to move very slowly, whilst some just drift on the current, as if very badly hung-over.

Three big school girls are playing a game that seems to involve dancing manically with much tossing of heads and waving of arms, but without moving their feet … in the carriage of a moving train on the Piccadilly Line.

After a delightful second visit to the John Soane Museum, a lovely house full of marvellous objects and paintings, some gleaming in the low winter sun, I emerge in to their tiny shop, and morosely view it’s unlovable and unaffordable contents.  Just as I am about to leave, I am startled and uplifted by not just one, but two irresistible gifts that I feel compelled to purchase guiltily, there and then, for a very important someone. Only you and I know who !

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Art out of context … ( You couldn’t make it up ! )

On my way back in to South London this afternoon, I had to pop in to the warehouse of Brindisa, famous importers of marvellous Spanish foodstuffs, to fetch a big leg of Jamon.

There is a newly framed picture in their despatch and goods-in office

Friday, November 1, 2013

A sometimes daft and improbable Friday

Homeward bound at dusk, the platforms at Vauxhall are crowded, the signs aren’t working, the African station announcer is hesitantly struggling with his syntax … and then everyone on the station looks incredulous because a completely clean and completely empty train draws in.

In mid-afternoon, as I slow down for a level crossing by Betchworth Station, a highly polished green steam locomotive thunders past, belching grey smoke and drawing eight antique brown and cream Pullman carriages.

On the three-thirty bus to work this morning, a jolly crowd of well-heeled but penniless Halloween clubbers get on and argue about the fare.  One athletic young man is dressed as a pumpkin … and he is ready and willing, he declares loudly in a public school accent, to fight any passenger that disapproves. “Relax !”, I tell him, “You look great !”