Wednesday, April 28, 2010

waiting for the night bus to brixton

Barely awake after a sleepless night with Sarah Waters' novel, The Night Watch, I sat in the darkness waiting for the four o’clock bus to leave the little terminus that is just across the road from The Green Man, the small pub at the edge of Putney Heath.

A big red bus from central London rumbled up Putney Hill and drew to a halt. The driver silenced the engine and put out all the lights and then, from the shadow of the bus, there appeared a large girl with shiny black hair, huge dark eyes, skin the colour of roasted almonds bursting voluptuously from an ambitiously tight white dress, and wearing what were probably the most uncomfortable shoes in the Universe.

She began to limp towards the bus shelter with an agonizing hesitancy and two seconds later there appeared just behind her, one by one, five more girls, all in little black dresses, and each encumbered with the same tortuous footwear.

They wobbled this way and that, they stopped and they started, they held on to one another, they yelped and they groaned; and then one by one, they sat down on the six plastic seats, gasping and sighing with relief as the pain in their feet faded, but then shrieking as the icy cold from the thick red plastic groped them.

Once they had whimpered a bit and got used to the shock, they noticed the condensation on the big glass panels and were soon twisting and turning and stretching to write their names. And guess what ?  Everyone was a Princess !

And then they began to sing … like angels !

Friday, April 23, 2010

my sympathies are entirely with the dragon

... having been influenced by stan freeberg

thanx to linda for reminding me to do my patriotic duty
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

horsted keynes again

horsted keynes again again

horsted keynes again again again

a curious co-incidence in ashdown forest

monday night i copied this Richard Avedon photo from the informative Art Knowledge News website in to my voluminous scrapbook

tuesday morning, less than twelve hours later, i stopped to investigate a standing stone that is just visible from my route through ashdown forest since the last big clearance of brambles and bracken ...

and after leaving the truck at the nearest lay-by, this is what i found ...

which made me contemplate that curious feeling we get whenever we unexpectedly share an experience with people who were always distant and are no longer with us

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

whilst some sleep and dream cheese, others have to live cheese !

as a cheese delivery driver and a connoisseur of vivid dreaming i was pleased to come across this discussion in one of my favourite blogs

selected quotes from the latest re-print of the new emotional blackmailers handbook

"everything i haven't done was for your own good"

"i've put my dirty socks in the laundry basket if you're interested"

Wednesday, April 14, 2010