Saturday, October 21, 2017

james cowie

wife number one

wife number two

i wonder if he kept a diary ?

Saturday, July 29, 2017


as the underground train pulls out of a sun-drenched overground parsons green station, the buxom girl  dressed in purple on the opposite platform is reaching in through her tight fitting decolletage to spray something in to her armpit

looking up at the vibrant stained glass above a small fountain in the turkish tiled hall  at lord leighton's house

this year's white birch bark, as yet unpeeled

Monday, May 29, 2017

air traffic control

we live close to the approach path of heathrow airport ... my work takes me close to the airport at gatwick ... i've become fascinated by the precise control and organization of aircraft movements in the small space between them ... i've only just realized how much air traffic is in motion across the globe ... this website led me there ...,-0.92/2 ...

it is a seamless real time monitor that you can zoom in to and you can identify individual flights, following their course and progress

there is a long article on air traffic control in wikipedia that deals with the complexities and challenges of the various systems in use around the world, and their integration protocols

our local air traffic control is under the supervision of NATS and their mapping of the system is an eye-opener for me

their mapping and documentation is a model of clarity ... as far as a layman can tell ... for example ...

at gatwick it is interesting to see the "double-decker" A380 come and go, and lately i've been reading a blog by a man who sits in the flight deck of one such ... he's just written a short article about airport ground control etiquette and about the larger issue of the future of air traffic control ...

Sunday, March 5, 2017

the spell by margaret barnard

i was intrigued ... the picture isn't famous ... it is owned by a gallery in rye but was not displayed when i visited ... i hadn't known the stories and the poem and the various mythical belief systems ... but somehow it demanded attention, and interpretation ... there had to be some narrative ... it didn't take too long to discover the outline, but i wish the artist had left some memoir of its creation ...

she'd lived in southern italy so the landscape might well be one that she knew ...

you'll have to read the linked articles to begin to understand the picture's content ...

hekate's identity and myth is fairly fluid ... evolving and changing in different mediterranean cultures ... so it isn't easy for me the novice to interpret the picture's details

i need to find an informed interpreter ... maybe marina warner can point the way ...

That which distinguishes Theocritus from all other Poets, both Greek and Latin, and which raises him even above Virgil in his Eclogues, is the inimitable tenderness of his passions, and the natural expression of them in words so becoming of a Pastoral.